transform 004 - lum col con pix
lum col con pix lum col con pix
12" lathe cut polycarbonate LP, limited edition of 50.
Ambient turntablism. If Philip Jeck and John Oswald made love while listening to the Mille Plateaux back catalogue, the resulting baby would probably cry exactly like this.
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various artists - buried treasure
various artists buried treasure
Limited edition of 10, each produced by a different sound artist and each buried in a different place.
Processed/manipulated site specific field recordings, transferred to CD and then buried in the recording location. We provide you with a map and detailed instructions of how to find it.
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aufgehoben: anno fauve
aufgehoben anno fauve
clear 12" vinyl lp, limited edition of 200
"If you know what Francis Bacon did to Velazquez's portrait of Pope Innocent X, then you'll have some idea of what Aufgehoben are doing to rock music; reducing it to a violent, nightmarish smear of a thing."
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