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david griffiths: sinister a
92-page perfect bound book and ten-track CD album, held in a 175 mm x 269 mm polypropylene bag
Sinister A image

about this release

Sinister A was originally conceived as an audiobook, and is now being released in print form with accompanying soundtrack CD. The words and music are meant to be experienced together, and are aligned as such. The story has been four years in the making, originating from a single image – a young woman standing in the window of a tall house, looking out at a mysterious man standing in the rain. He in turn stares back at her, as though he can read her deepest, darkest secrets.

track listing

1. Surrounded By Shadows
2. She Doesn't Like The Rain
3. A Large Wooden Box
4. You Need To Wake Up
5. A Third Option
6. The Lamb
7. Down The Escalator He Goes
8. His Journey Was Soon To Come To An End
9. What Really Happened
10. Veronica

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