john chantler: three sides of sadness
john chantler: three sides of sadness
CD-R, limited edition of 100.

about this release

Three beautiful, abstract meditations on the themes of sadness and recursion. An exquisite tapestry of processed guitar, percussion and warm, chattering electronics, bringing to mind the works of Fennesz or Tim Hecker.

While the music consists of three different interpretations of one piece, the artwork involves five radically different interpretations of the painting Cinq Femmes by Francis Picabia, curated by acclaimed London based artist Marcus Cope.

The [numerically second, chronologically third] installment of Fourier Transform's White Box CD-R series. Limited edition of 100, housed in a white padded presentation box with six lovingly designed inserts, sealed with a translucent paper obi.

track listing

1| Sadness and the Tsunahama Angel (mp3) (6'58")
2| Sadness and the Celebration (mp3) (10'55")
3| Sadness and the Black Sand Stroll (mp3) (9'51")

total running time 27'44"

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