various artists - buried treasure
various artists: buried treasure
Limited edition of 10, each produced by a different sound artist and each buried in a different place.
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about this release

We had intended to make the ultimate limited edition: an album of which only one copy exists, sealed inside a resin block and fired off into space on the back of Ariane. When someone eventually bought the album, we'd provide a set of charts, equations and trajectories to enable you to plan your own space mission in order to go and fetch it. Failing that, the diagrams would at least have allowed you to observe the package as it orbited the earth. Provided, of course, that the weather was fine.

Buried Treasure is the next best practical thing: 10 sets of field recordings, each taken in a different secret location around the UK. Each one has been processed into beautiful music by one of 10 different artists, and then buried in the recording location. Each CD is therefore absolutely unique, and will be a strictly limited edition of 1. When a recording is purchased, we will send you a help pack containing maps, photographs and detailed instructions of how to find the package, plus a brief guide to the area, highlighting interesting things to see, places to eat etc. Basically, if you want to hear the album, you'll have to go and fetch it.

Some of the locations are fairly remote, some are not. You will need a shovel or other digging device (not included in the help pack), access to a vehicle, and sturdy footwear.

nb. This project may or may not see the light of day.

purchasing options

Not yet available.