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Please email if you'd like to get in touch.

demo policy

I enjoy listening to stuff. And, really, who doesn't love getting things in the post?

Demos are welcome and will get listened to, but please, before sending us anything, have a look around, get a feel for the kind of music fourier transform releases. I don't stick to any specific genres: the one policy I do have is that I will only ever release music that I love. There's no point sending any earnest soft-rock or nu-metal, for instance. I don't like earnest soft-rock or nu-metal.

The following points might also be worth considering:

  • I can't make you famous
  • I can't make you rich
  • I can't help you to take your career 'to the next level', unless the 'next level' happens to be releasing 50 copies of poorly marketed music in impractical (but delicious) packaging
  • I don't generally get involved with gig promotion
  • Please don't email any mp3s - they'll get deleted
  • Unfortunately I can't respond to every demo I get, but if I'm keen to get in touch, I certainly will

If these things don't put you off, then send me a message asking for the demo postal address.

Please don't write to ask me for a job - there aren't any jobs.