soldercup is now available for pre-release orders

soldercup album artwork

The wonderful collaborative work by Rhodri Davies and Louisa Hendrikien Martin, Soldercup, is now available to pre-order on site in advance of its release on 25 May 2010.

The music started life as improvised harp pieces created by Davies, which were then subjected to a series of electronic manipulations by Martin. The results of this then formed the backdrop for further live improvisation; a bewitching, stark and surprisingly refined exploration of quietness and texture.

Find out more and pre-order Soldercup here.

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free music

New! On! Site! Today!

Please give a welcoming hug to the new free music section, which will be the home for interesting musics that kind folks donate for the wellbeing of everybody on Earth. First up on there, an exclusive recent recording by Lum Col Con Pix.

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transform011: soldercup is on its way

soldercup album artwork

The wonderful transform011 is now in production, and is heading for a release date of 15 march 2010. It will be a full-length vinyl album by soldercup, limited to 200 copies only and available from this website.

Soldercup is the collaborative project of rhodri davies and louisa hendrikien martin. It sees davies' improvised harp sounds manipulated electronically by martin, with the pair later re-improvising over the resulting work, in a series of repeated processes.

It's a marvellous album.

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welcome back, fourier transform

Streak of paint

Hello and welcome to the recently-scrubbed-up, new-look fourier transform. There are plans afoot for 2010. More news about that very soon. In the meantime, relax, put your feet up and have a nose around. Mi website es su website.

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