the shape of song

Visual representation of Beastie Boys song

This is fun. Not sure how old it is, but I just came across it - an online application to create a visual representation of a piece of music, based on compositional repetitions: The Shape Of Song.

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top of the pops records

Top Of The Pops record sleeve

Here's an archive of (almost) all of the questionable-yet-entrancing Top Of The Pops compilation record sleeves, with lots of information. These records are a regular find in most charity/thrift stores: Top Of The Pops at RetroTrash.

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making lathe cut records

Peter King, based in New Zealand, will have been responsible for most lathe-cut records you may ever have seen. Here are three videos of him demonstrating the process. Our Lum Col Con Pix album was cut by Peter.

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flaming lips team up with lightning bolt

You'd think a team-up between Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt could be a match made in noise-rock heaven, but the collaboration doesn't quite deliver the quality of either band's previous work. The video is worth a watch, however, for its unhinged assault on the eyeballs.

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creepy intro music from 1970s UK programme for children

The awful quality YouTube clip increases the creepiness factor.

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