eklips beatboxing

The history of hip-hop in four minutes. Impressive!

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rrr x 250

An RRR sleeve

A Flickr stream of the 250 individually hand-painted sleeves for the new Hey Colossus album, RRR. An outstanding labour of love! The album is great, too.

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Bloop is widely considered to be the loudest sound ever produced on earth. It's an underwater sound that was detected in 1997 and spookily, its source is a mystery.

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the micronium, a tiny musical instrument

The Micronium is a tiny stringed instrument, with strings a fraction of the width of human hair. And it can play Hot Butter's 'Popcorn'.

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lancashire and somerset records

Lancashire And Somerset packaging

The Lancashire And Somerset label have released some beautiful-sounding music in exquisite packaging. It's always heartening to see a label going above and beyond the call of duty when deciding how to present their releases.

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