another way to spend your money

Kurt Schwitters - Merzbau

Bored, and cash-rich? Why not try to collect everything that Merzbow has ever released? You'll need a large amount of shelf space, too.

For an artist so far from being known to the average person in the street, this is an impressively huge body of work.

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sainsbury's pong

Sainsbury's Pong by fourier transform

Close your eyes, and the checkout aisles at Sainsbury's sound like several games of Pong being played in a construction area. Or something.

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elk are wild and unpredictable animals

Elk advice radio by fourier transform

In central California there's a constantly-broadcast radio channel containing endlessly-repeated advice on how to handle elk, should you come across them. It's very comforting.

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random music generator

Human composition is dead, now that computers can do all of the work: Wolfram Tones computational music. It's also accidentally a rather nice random pixel art generator.

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backward masking

Here are loads of examples of backward masking, ranging from the spooky to the ridiculous.

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